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English 4.0® language course in Frankfurt

Language course English 4.0® – under this motto, a language school in Frankfurt offers a completely new approach to learning English. This method has nothing to do with classical frontal teaching. The language is used immediately - and precisely in the situations which employees in modern companies are confronted with on a daily basis. EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. Frankfurt uses new means of communication and insights from the psychology of learning to achieve real success.



what is special about the English 4.0® language course?

With English 4.0® our language school in Frankfurt uses a totally different approach than the classical method. We don't want to do Shakespeare and impart outdated academic knowledge, but rather focus on business communication. Business success requires an understanding of the English language in daily use. The English 4.0® language course was designed by EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. Frankfurt. The system is based on the idea of teaching the necessary grammar together with an extensive vocabulary. If you learn with us, you can easily master everyday business life in the English language. After completing the course, our students are confident in English communication (speaking, writing, listening, reading). We use all communication channels to train the language and support the course participants in this process.


The idea for our English 4.0® language course is based on an initiative of the German government: Industry 4.0, which inspired us to implement a paradigm shift in the training organization. At our language school in Frankfurt, we are pursuing a hybrid approach with the new course, which is a combination of PIT and VIT. PIT means personal interactive training. The course participants use all possibilities for communication with each other and with the trainer. And with VIT - virtual interactive training - we implement the virtual classroom. Trainers and participants meet in person or with the help of modern communication tools.


How long does it take to learn English with the English 4.0® English language course?

Our English 4.0® language course is designed to immediately apply what has been learnt: Learning by doing. In this respect, we at EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. Frankfurt make no difference between learning and applying. The goal is clear: we learn together to communicate in English. This means learning for life and practice. In our English 4.0® language course, we do not teach a hundred hours of theoretical grammar, but rather convey the relevant grammatical structures by actively using the language. We know that the use of English as a business language always depends on the respective industries, customers and companies. This practice-oriented learning is particularly successful. Time boxing enables us to shorten training cycles and learn in a particularly resource-saving way.


is there still the classical classroom with frontal teaching?

No. We are committed to transferring linguistic skills through a wide variety of methods. We use books, apps, videos and especially the Internet. We connect the participants and use, for example, the customer's website to link company information with language learning. This mix of different alternatives ensures that what you have learned is anchored in your memory. It has been proven that knowledge transfer is particularly effective when combined with many impressions - with images, with memories of conversations, with the application of what has been learnt, for example on the familiar corporate website. We discuss current economic topics and thus provide additional motivation. We also use the English 4.0® language course for individually tailored courses for companies to expand their general language skills or for company-specific special topics.

Instead of the usual lessons, we use personal and/or virtual interactive training with different partnering options and the use of the latest communication techniques. This training is carried out in our excellently equipped rooms of our language schools in Frankfurt and Erlangen, but also directly at the customer's premises in Germany.


What is the goal of the English 4.0® language course?

The aim is not to convey abstract content. The focus is on the use of the English language as a means of communication. This means that we are clearly focused on real-life situations in everyday working life. Course participants learn to speak like their target group. These can be suppliers, customers or institutions. Each of these groups has its own special language - with a special vocabulary, specific forms of expression and jargon. We define these in advance in order to guarantee a perfect learning result. The aim is to create an English language style that enables effective communication. In this course at our language school in Frankfurt we focus on company-, department-, industry- and task-specific terminology.


The course utilises what we call “the CroM method”. It enables an individual customization. Five cross-modules form a single unit: firstly, there are interpersonal skills. This includes charismatic communication, persuasiveness and motivation. There are also intercultural skills. Depending on the culture from which the counterpart comes, there are certain peculiarities to consider. This includes the do's and don' ts - if you don't pay attention to them, you can't reach your goal even with the best language skills. Thirdly, professional competences are focused on. The individual function of the course participants in the company plays a major role here. The language skills are based on the recognised ratings of the Common European Framework A1, A2, B1, B1, B2, C1 and C2 and finally the meta-skills: with self-observation and self-development we encourage each student to "learn to learn". With the application of what has been learned in the daily processes, the training is practically constantly continued.


These "meta-skills" are especially important to us. Because we do not see our students as pure consumers who receive a certain amount of learning material from us. For us, course participants are co-creators. They should set their own goals independently and intrinsically motivate themselves. These meta-skills also affect other areas. With "embedded learning" we encourage the participants to use the learning tools we provide in other areas of their workplaces, but also in everyday life. The application of the acquired knowledge is even more sustainable in different contexts.

What is the procedure when you admit new students?

First of all, we appraise the level of the course participants. For us, this is the basis for the development of an individual concept. The previous knowledge is assessed in real situations. We then determine which general vocabulary is required and which technical terms are particularly important. We define the relevant grammar. In this way, we create an individual learning system tailored to the needs of the participants.


Who are the customers of the English 4.0® language course?

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries: banks, classic industry, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, IT, media and telecommunications. That's why our language school in Frankfurt sees itself as a partner to the business community in the Rhine-Main metropolis. Together with the customers and the participants, we determine the concrete learning objectives on the basis of a detailed needs analysis and discuss the teaching method. Also if you are looking for a traditional language training, our language school in Frankfurt is the right place for you. We always work in a customer-oriented way and are geared to the individual wishes and requirements of the companies.

The success of each training course makes us proud. We do not stop there, though, but use the experience gained from the courses in our language school to constantly optimise the learning methods. For we always want to offer our customers throughout Germany the most successful learning systems. English 4.0® is an example of this.



Thank you very much for the interview, Mr Eifert.


The interview was conducted by Kai Kruel.


We spoke to Mr. Wolfgang Eifert, owner of EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. Frankfurt, on the subject of the English 4.0® language course in Frankfurt.


EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. in downtown Frankfurt


Learn English with our English 4.0® language course!

English 4.0® is a hybrid approach that combines the most advanced elements of PIT and VIT:

  • Best possible customer adaptation and flexible module structure thanks to our CroM method
  • English language style that allows clear and effective communication and focuses on industrial, corporate, department- and function-specific terminology
  • Shortened training cycles through "time-boxing" and resource-efficient training
  • Various partnering options: A/B, flexible A/B, gliding - i. e. multiple participants benefit from the mixed-functional expertise of several trainers in less time
  • Combination of different media and learning styles
  • Comprehensive selection of publicly available sources of the highest quality
  • Use of modern learning apps and learning platforms
  • Topical economic issues, including the topics covered on the client's website
  • Individual curriculum and maximal interactivity


English 4.0® is a creative approach in which all stakeholders - customers, participants, trainers and EIFERT. Sprachen. Seminare. Coaching. - are actively involved. Together, we specify the learning objectives, develop and define training content and can monitor progress and quality at any time.


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